Windows 10 Education Free Download [Updated 2022]

Microsoft Windows 10 education download is one of the special releases for the educational purposes. Windows 10 education ISO is the Microsoft solution to the growing threat of Chrome OS in education. Download the Windows 10 Student edition 2020 for 32-bit and 64-bit computer architecture. This is the complete standalone offline installer bootable DVD setup for windows 10 education free. Support Softolite for more interesting software, freeware, and applications. Windows 10 student and windows 10 education edition are the same operating system with two names released specially for students. Softolite only provides the standalone offline installer setup for free. You can get product key from the Microsoft Official Website.

Windows 10 Education Download Free x64/x86 For Students Overview

Windows 10 Education download is the global platform for professionals to deliver innovation across PCs, convertible, tablets, phones, and Xbox, plus extending to new devices like HoloLens, Surface Hub, and Embedded devices that control the internet of things. You must know that using technology for the sake of technology is a thing of the past.

Windows 10 for students has got an easy interface. It is even best for users who are not familiar with windows. By that I mean, users who just moved from the old editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, or those already loving and using Windows 8 regularly. Also, those users who are crazy to work in the desktop environment or non-touch devices will be able to do so, it is simple. They can enjoy the free trial of student windows. Most of the time Microsoft offers windows for students free.

Windows 10 Student download is one of the best platforms for changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Technologies should help the student learn and improve the educational process. Windows 10 unifies windows across all devices from desktop to mobiles, with lots of updates. Microsoft always takes care of the students around the globe. If you compare Windows 10 education prices with other editions, you’ll see a great difference. Windows 10 student edition is the live example. Its price is much much lower than the other versions of Microsoft Windows.

It has always delivered amazing learning experiences for the students in the form of great apps, multitasking collaboration, and great inking capabilities. With Windows 10 education download, we continue to provide even better and powerful learning experiences. Continuum provides the right screen experience for Windows users and for any type or size of the device, through touch interface or keyboard and mouse. Windows 10 Education download is available for free, for everyone on this website.

windows 10 education download

Its windows 10 as we know and love, like windows RT long ago it’s super awesome. You will be able only to run apps from the windows store which is not the new feature. Windows 10 education download is considered as a great solution set for education. As it has all the important features that are necessary for a student. Particularly in high school and middle school environment where students may or may not have their own personal PC, you may have a set of classrooms PCs that kid takes a PC at the side of the class, does their stuff on it for a while and then put it back at the end.

This version is finally and officially released and available for download here. This should be the best version of all the windows released by Microsoft. They have done a few changes in Microsoft’s edge. They also have included the office in this edition because they have more focus on education.

These days Microsoft mostly focuses on security and keeps a few windows store apps. Some of the apps like sandbox are highly restricted and windows 10 education download can stop them from running in the background. This operating system is specially designed for education purposes.

Virtual Desktops:

Windows 10 Education edition comes with a new feature called “Virtual Desktops.” This feature allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them. For example, you can have one desktop for school work and another for playing games. This can be helpful if you need to focus on one task or if you want to keep your desktop organized. This means that you can have multiple desktops open at the same time and switch between them very easily. This can be extremely helpful for students who need to keep multiple programs open at the same time. For example, if you are working on a paper in Microsoft Word, you can have a web browser open to do research and a calculator open to help with the math portion of the paper. You can also have different desktops set up for different subjects. For example, one desktop could be set up for math classes and another could be set up for language arts classes. This feature can make it easier for students to focus on one task at a time and avoid distractions. Also, try Windows 10 All In One Free Download

A desktop is a personal computer in a physical form. It usually has a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It offers virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is a desktop that exists only in software. It can be on the same computer as the physical desktop or on a different computer. It introduces a new way of working with multiple desktops. Dubbed “Virtual Desktops”, this feature allows you to create different workspaces for different tasks. For example, you could have one desktop for school work, one for personal things, and one for gaming.

To use Virtual Desktops, open the Task View by pressing Windows Key + Tab. This will show all of your open apps and desktops. To create a new desktop, click the New Desktop button in the lower-right corner of the Task View. You can switch between desktops by clicking the tile for the desktop you want to use or by using the Ctrl + Windows Key + Left/Right arrow keys.

Universal Apps:

It introduces a new way of working with apps. Universal Apps installed from the Windows Store work the same on any device running Windows 10, whether it’s a PC, a tablet, or a phone. This makes it easy for students to start using an app on one device and continue using it on another. For example, they can begin working on a project on their PC in the classroom and then finish it up on their phone while riding home on the bus.

It introduces a new way of developing apps that can run on all devices in the Windows 10 family, including PC, laptop, tablet, phone, and even the Xbox One. These so-called “universal apps” are created with a new development platform that Microsoft calls “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP). UWP provides a common platform across all devices, which allows developers to create a single app that runs on all of them.

It offers a range of features to support the academic needs of students and educators. One such feature is the ability to run universal apps. Universal apps are designed to work on all Windows 10 devices, from PCs and tablets to phones and Xboxes. This means that students can use the same app on different devices, without having to worry about compatibility issues. Also, try Windows 10 Pro Free Download

For educators, this means that they can create lesson plans that rely on universal apps, without having to worry about whether or not students will be able to access them. In addition, educators can use Windows 10 Education’s built-in tools for monitoring student activity, including viewing which apps and websites they have been using.

Windows 10 Education Download ISO (32-bit/64-bit) – Free Here

Education both inside and outside of the classroom is changing. It’s completely going to be digital. There will be a time where there will be no need to go to the classrooms and take boring lectures. And that’s right, first grade are learning third-grade content. The education curriculum is moving from textbooks to eBooks, apps and online content. Now a day there are a bunch of online teachers who sell their comprehensive courses.

Windows 10 Education was designed for educators, teachers, and students of all ages in mind. Reading an article from the internet or making notes in real-time on your OneNote is now possible on the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s an excellent impressive learning experience that is unique to Windows 10 devices. Improved remote access for any time, anywhere, never stop learning.

Mathematical learning is becoming more common in school and pushes the development of skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. On the other hand tools like OneNote, Word and PowerPoint enable these core skills which are necessary for the student to be successful in today’s competitive world. Work for education is the first priority of Microsoft. Windows 10 Student is the perfect platform for creating online learning modules through office mix. A student can also use office mix and Sway to learn in an interesting and dynamic way.

Technologies are completely evolving. Pencils and slide rules changed into calculators and spreadsheets. All the modern apps and digital inking have made computing devices an all-in-one educational tool. On the other hand, the web and improved networking allow access to data and content from many locations. For example, you can take any kind of course online no matter where you are. And the most interesting feature is where we cannot connect, windows 1o education download still provide content offline to continue learning from anywhere in the universe.

In Windows 10, apps and content provide powerful resources for researching, teaching, and learning. The windows store is filled with a great selection of education and productivity apps. Windows 10 education download provides improvements for education to transform the windows store into a school which is probably the best idea. It’s the only platform you never outgrow.

These are just big examples of how Windows 10 is made for education and what are its roles in education. Microsoft is committed to offering win 10 education to as many users as possible. Thanks for these efforts. 

Windows 10 Education Download Technical Details

Operating System Full Name Windows 10 Education / Windows 10 Student
File Size2.8 GB / 3.0 GB
Architecture32bit(x86) / 64bit (x64)
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Standalone Setup
DevelopersMicrosoft Official
Shared BySoftolite

Win 10 Education Download System Requirements

Memory (RAM)Minimum of 2GB RAM Required
Hard-Drive Space16GB of Free Space Required
Processor1GHz Processor or Faster

Download Student Version Windows 10 Here

Here is the free download link for windows 10 education edition. Visit the below link and download the free offline setup for your PC. This is the latest and updated version.  Share this page on Facebook, and Twitter, if you like our site. Support Softolite for more amazing free stuff.

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