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Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable standalone offline installer setup for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It is the portable version released by Adobe for windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP, Mac, and Android phones as well. We provide the single-click download link to adobe photoshop cs6 extended portable. Portable Photoshop CS6 delivers all the imaging magic of photoshop cs6, 3D graphic design, and image analysis tools. Visit Softolite for more interesting software and applications. Softolite only provides the standalone offline installer setup for free. You can get product key from the Adobe Official Website.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable Free Download 32/64 Bit Overview

Adobe photoshop cs6 portable download is one of the widely used image editing tools released by the Adobe team. This is the unique product in the photoshop series with a lot of features, improvements and new tools. Create a rich 3D network and enhance your 3D scenes with shadows lighting and animations. You can retouch images with utter precision control and speed. The brand new Photoshop CS6 has a lot of features, enhancements, and flexibility.  

Create amazing videos and design anything you can imagine using intuitive tools. Using Photoshop CS6 Portable you can enjoy painting and draw naturally and expressively. Also if your computer uses an NVIDIA graphics card, you can get awesome performance with the mercury graphics indie. You can also use this application for professional photo editing. 

photoshop cs6 portable

Photoshop CS6 Portable differs from the regular Photoshop cs6 version. You can download and install it in a few clicks. In the extended version of photoshop portable free download, you’ve tools for creating and editing 3D images and performing quantitative image analysis. Graphics professionals can benefit greatly from the extended version. Enjoy the 64-bit support and speed on Mac and PC. Moreover its also available in 32-Bit.

Some of the great features in this version include the content-aware tool, reflections as well as draggable shadow and improvements in all-new crop tool that allows for greater precision and is non-obstructive. Use this amazing edition of Adobe Photoshop for fancy and real editing. You can also add shadow to the ground plane and make images even more realistic. 

Portable Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Free Download

Photoshop CS6 Portable is by far the best version of Photoshop ever released and highly recommended. Portable CS6 is the best choice of 3D designers. A new 3D panel is added to the top with new tools. It is quite different from how it was in the normal versions. We also have the properties panel at the bottom and you’ll find all the 3D functionality is split between these two panels. It’s a great tool for creating cinematic, the 3D images of a logo, word or design.

It uses the mercury performance engine due to which it is a lot faster. It was always a problem to load a photoshop document that had more than 40 or 50 layers. Also if there are a lot of visual effects, composites, and retouching or using multiple layers in the workflow. But all these problems have been solved with the latest CS6 Portable tools.

There have been new features added to the content-aware tools such as content-aware patch and content-aware move. Photoshop cs6 portable has brought brand new tools for video evidence such as color expose adjustment as well as layer adjustment. It brings the strengthening tool to photoshop where a user simply draws a line anywhere on an image and the canvas will redirect itself so that the line joins become horizontal and adjust the media accordingly. This is an incredible change in the Adobe Photoshop CS6 features.  

It also allows background seeing, it means that while another document is compiling and archiving itself. It’s possible to simultaneously edit an image. It gives a lot of flexibility to the graphics designers to create professional graphics. The standard version of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Portable has also got a very beautiful interface that is easy to use and improve your productivity.

photoshop cs6 portable 32-bit 64-bit

Top Features of Photoshop CS6 Portable

In the latest version of portable cs6, you’ll notice a lot of differences and new features that were not available in the previous editions. Some of the handy tools are listed below.


One of the great new features is it’s the most lightweight application with a huge number of latest tools. It’s not using too much of your computer processor or RAM and thus it is too fast and do the operations like rendering very quick. Other photo editing applications like Photoshop 7.0Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS5 are a bit heavy. 

Content-Aware Fill:

This is going to be a massive change in photoshop history. This time they came up with the content-aware fill. It basically lets you just paint over an area or select an area to press a key and it filled it in and it knew what to fill it in. They enhance that inside the portable cs6 version. What they did is they gave us it’s right with the healing brush and spot healing brush. This feature is widely used by expert designers. It offers a content-aware fill feature that can be used to automatically fill in areas of an image that have been selected. This feature is designed to analyze the content of an image and then fill in the selection with similar content. For example, if you select a section of sky in an image, the content-aware fill feature will replace the sky with a similar sky from another part of the image.

The content-aware fill feature in it is a great way to remove unwanted objects from an image. You can use it to erase people or objects from a photo, or to remove blemishes and other distractions. The content-aware fill feature is based on a technology called “content aware scaling”. It analyzes the contents of an image and then creates a new version of the image that blends in with the surrounding area. To use the content-aware fill feature, select the object that you want to remove and go to Edit > Fill. In the Fill dialog box, select Content-Aware from the Contents menu. Click OK and Photoshop will do its magic. Also, try Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Free Download

In Adobe Photoshop CS6, the content-aware fill feature has been improved. You can now use it to fill an area with texture, as well as color. The feature is also more accurate than it was in previous versions of Photoshop. This means that you can use it to fill in areas that are more complex, such as hair or fur. Content-Aware Fill is a new feature in it that allows you to fill in areas of an image with content that matches the surrounding area. This can be used to remove objects from an image, or to fill in missing information. To use Content-Aware Fill, select the area you want to fill and click the Edit menu, then choose Content-Aware Fill. Photoshop will analyze the surrounding area and fill in the selected area with matching content.

Blur Gallery:

For photographers, this is going to be a great thing when you have an image that you want to tweak just a little you go over to filter blur just like before and this time you’ve got three new blur filters. They all open up in the same panel and can choose between them. The Blur Gallery in it includes five blur effects: Field, Iris, Tilt-Shift, Path and Box. With these effects, you can create a wide variety of blurs to improve the look of your photos. In addition, you can control the blur amount and the blur radius.

It gives you a little different look in how you’re going to take and emphasize focus in one area and be able to set a blur from the edges that create a nice soft feel around the edges. The blur amount can be adjusted and changed according to the image. You can adjust it on your choice. That’s very nice and it’s also a different way to work with photoshop cs6 portable. The Blur Gallery in it provides an easy way to add blur effects to your photos. The gallery includes five different blur effects: Field, Iris, Tilt-Shift, Path and Zoom. You can also control the amount of blur and the direction of the blur. The Blur Gallery makes it easy to create professional-looking blur effects with just a few clicks.

The Blur Gallery in it is a great new feature that allows you to blur images in a variety of ways. You can use the blur gallery to create a realistic depth of field effect, or to soften the focus on an image. The blur gallery makes it easy to create a professional looking blurred image without having to use any external filters or plugins.

HDR Effects:

The other improvements that they made to camera raw is they rework some of the controls. For example, the clarity sliders, back in photoshop cs5, if you dragged it too far you’d literally get a halo-like a little black halo going around him. The HDR effect is not a new feature at all but amazing. They engineered the math behind that and now it’s so powerful. It can give you the same effect as HDR with the combination of some other sliders. If you’re looking to add a little extra punch to your photos, you may want to try out some of the new HDR effects in it. HDR (high dynamic range) imaging allows you to create photos with greater detail and color saturation than would be possible with a single exposure.

To create an HDR image in Photoshop CS6, you’ll first need to shoot a series of photos at different exposures. You can then merge these photos into a single HDR image using the Merge to HDR Pro command. Once your image is created, you can use the new HDR tools in Photoshop CS6 to enhance the color and detail in your photo. The HDR Toning tool allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your photo, while the HDR Filter tool lets you add filters such as blur and glow to your image. There are a few different ways to create HDR effects. One way is to use the Merge to HDR Pro feature, which can be found in the File menu. This feature allows you to combine multiple photos into a single HDR image. Also, try Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free

Another way to create HDR effects in it is by using the HDR Toning feature. This feature can be found in the Image > Adjustments menu. With this feature, you can adjust the tone and color of your HDR image. The third way to create HDR effects in it is by using the Photomerge Exposure feature. This feature can be found in the File > Automate menu. With this feature, you can merge multiple photos into a single HDR image with adjustable exposure levels.

Other Features: Other features include:

  • No need for installation as compared to the other version.
  • Very light and compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems like Mac, Windows, and even Android.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Used for very fast and quick photos editing due to the portable nature.
  • User-friendly and easy interface.
  • It has got a mercury graphics engine.
  • Used for professional image editing and retouch photos with more precision.
  • Easy cropping.
  • Camera raw 7.0 is more improved and efficient.
  • Very intelligent tools for filling the image gaps.
  • Awesome blur tools.

Technical Setup Details of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable Edition

Software Full NameAdobe Photoshop CS6 Portable
Setup Full Size92MB (32 Bit) 109MB (64 Bit)
Setup TypeOffline Installer
Compatibility32-bit (X86) / 64 bit (X64)
Developed ByAdobe Official 
Shared BySoftoLite

Make sure your PC has the following minimum requirements for installing this app.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable Free Download Installation Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8, XP, 8.1 and Windows 10, Windows Vista
Installed Memory (RAM)Minimum 2 GB
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo or Advance
Screen Resolution1080 X 768
Hard Disk DriveMinimum 1 GB of Free Space Required

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