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Download Adobe character animator CC 2020 free for PC. The setup is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.  Get the latest version of adobe character animator download for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. This is the standalone complete offline installer and requires no internet connection. Let’s first review the top features and then go to the download section. Visit Softolite for more interesting and useful software, freeware and other applications. Softolite only provides the standalone offline installer setup for free. You can get product key from the Adobe Official Website.

Adobe Character Animator CC 2020 Free Download Overview

There are hundreds of animations software you can find in the market. You have got the option to choose from that software for creating better animations. Adobe character animator CC is one of them. This is one of the most used and authentic animation software with the best features and advanced options for the animators. The interface is simple and easy. If you want to create a realistic motion effect then adobe character animator download is the best option for you.

This time Adobe has got a very interesting and powerful software for the 2D characters. It will let the 2D character to come to life. It has got a powerful lip-syncing algorithm to track the real human gesture. It will provide advanced control over the characters. Adobe character animator also got an amazing face expression tracker and motion recorder which can copy the real character.

Making your own cartoon character is the best entertainment ever. Before using the adobe character animator for the animation you must have an idea about the characters. You’ll also need a high-quality microphone for recording and deliver your voice. It will help you remove the background noise and give you the quality recording. There must be a good time matching. Your voice must be time for animation. Otherwise, it will look like a dubbed cartoon.

adobe character animator free download

Adobe Character Animator Download CC for PC

Adobe character animator download is the perfect software to bring motion and emotion to the arts. It offers the world’s most advanced and amazing tools for digital artists. Adobe character animator is developed in such a way that it can be used from beginner artists to the major game industries. The latest version of the adobe animator holds the complete set of tools which is the need of today’s artists. All the characters made by this awesome software looks natural that hit the high level of inner creativity.

The character animator gives you the freedom to create stunning characters and bring them into life. These characters are almost looking real and even they are able to speak using the advance lips-syncing algorithm. Adobe character animator download is the most user-friendly and best product for your professional work. It has got the ability to paint, model and render the final result. It is a bit different from the other animations tools in the market as it uses some advance and professional techniques. Character animators will enhance your abilities for sure.

This app uses a webcam and microphone to capture your expressions and character accurately.  In simple words, using adobe character animator download is just fun. It can copy your facial expression in real-time using a headset and webcam. It can also recognize your pupil movements and it never misses any expression that you made in front of the camera.

adobe character animator

Layer Parenting:

There are new layer parenting features that make it easier to animate characters. You can now parent a layer to another layer in the Timeline panel, and the child layer will move with the parent layer. This makes it easy to animate characters by moving their body parts together. You can also use the Follow Path tool to create a path for a child layer to follow. The child layer will move along the path, and you can control the speed and direction of the movement. It introduces a new way to parent layers, called Layer parenting. With Layer parenting, you can create a hierarchy of layers, similar to the way you would in a traditional animation software. This makes it easy to control the movement and positioning of multiple layers at once.

To create a layer hierarchy, select the layers that you want to parent together and click the “Parent” button in the toolbar. The parented layers will be grouped together and will move and rotate as one. You can also use the “Inherit Position” option to keep the position of the child layers synchronized with their parents. Layer parenting is a great way to create complex animations without having to worry about managing each individual layer. It’s also a great way to learn traditional animation techniques, as the workflow is very similar.

This means that you can have more than one parent for a layer. In the past, you could only have one parent for a layer. This can be helpful if you want to have more control over your animation. For example, let’s say that you want to animate a character walking. You could use the walk cycle from a previous animation and then layer parenting to control the arms and legs of the character. This would give you more control over the animation and allow you to make changes more easily.

Auto Lipsync:

In Adobe Character Animator CC 2020, you can now use layer parenting to create more complex animations. This feature allows you to parent one layer to another, and then animate the child layer based on the movement of the parent. This can be helpful for animating characters’ mouths, since it allows you to create lip sync animations automatically. A new feature called Layer Parenting has been introduced. It allows you to parent one layer to another, so that when the child layer moves, the parent layer moves with it. This can be useful for animating characters’ mouths, eyes and other features. Also, try Adobe Master Collection CS6 Free Download [Updated 2020]

To use Layer Parenting, select the child layer and then go to the Animation menu and choose Parent > Master Layer. The child layer will now be attached to the parent layer. If you move the parent layer, the child layer will move with it. You can also use the Transform tool to move or rotate the child layer. One advantage of using Layer Parenting is that you can use Auto Lipsync to automatically synchronize the movement of your character’s lips with its speech audio.

Auto Lipsync is a great way to have your character’s lips move in sync with the audio track. In previous versions of Character Animator, this was done by creating a puppet layer and parenting it to the audio layer. You can now use the Auto Lipsync feature to create a lip sync animation without having to create a puppet layer. To use the Auto Lipsync feature, select the audio layer and then go to Window > Auto Lipsync. The Auto Lipsync window will open and you will see three tabs: Lips, Eyes, and Teeth. The Lips tab is where you will create the lip sync animation. The first step is to select the audio clip that you want to use for the lip sync animation. Once you have selected the audio clip, click on the Play button to preview it.

VR Authoring and Publishing:

It introduces new features for VR authoring and publishing. You can now create 360° videos with 3D characters that can be viewed in VR headsets. To publish your video, you simply export it as an MP4 file and upload it to a VR-friendly website. A powerful animation software that has enhanced features for VR authoring and publishing. Users can now create 2D animations that are compatible with virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This makes it possible to create more immersive and engaging VR experiences. In addition, the newPublish to Web feature lets you share your animations with others online. Also,try Clip Studio Paint 2020 Free Download

It has been updated with new features to help you create VR content. You can now publish your animations directly to VR platforms such as Facebook 360 and YouTube 360. The new publish dialog allows you to specify the type of VR experience you want to create, including mono or stereo, seated or standing, and with or without head tracking. You can also choose the frame rate and resolution.

It offers new VR authoring and publishing capabilities. You can now create and publish 360 degree character animations that can be experienced in VR headsets. The new VR publishing options let you control the field of view and ambient audio for your animations. You can also add hotspots to your scenes that will let users interact with your characters in VR.

Advanced Features of Adobe Character Animator Free Download

Adobe animator is loaded with a lot of handy tools and features. Here we’ll highlight a few of them.

  • The best animation software that lets you make the animation in a more realistic way.
  • The latest edition is loaded with more powerful tools and features that help you create an awesome graphic for computers and mobile devices.
  • Adobe character animator download allowing layers to interact with one another dynamically as well as provide a realistic collision effect.
  • Built-in character templates speedup making interactive puppets.
  • Perfect for frame by frame animations.
  • Lip’s syncing algorithm is also one of the most advanced features.
  • Deliver extra impressive results than the other competitive software.
  • Easy to use for both professionals and beginners; and quite user-friendly.
  • Fully customizable environment. You can customize the environment according to your choice.
  • Also used by the animators who design 2D characters for cartoons.
  • Using the latest features it has a huge potential for creating realistic and powerful advance animation for movies, cartoons, and even TV shows.

Adobe Character Animator Technical Setup Details

Software Full NameAdobe Character Animator CC
Compatibility ArchitectureCompatible with 64 Bit architecture
Setup Size: 1 GB (64 Bit)
Setup TypeStandalone Offline Installer
Developed ByAdobe Official
Shared BySoftoLite

Before installing this app; make sure that your PC must meet the following system requirements.

Adobe Character Animator CC Installation Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Multi-Core Processor or Advance
Installed Memory (RAM)8 GB of RAM Required (Recommended)
Screen Resolution1080 X 768
Hard Disc DriveMinimum of 2 GB Free Space Required

Download the Latest Version of Animator Software Here

Here is the direct download link of this wonderful animation software. It is now available for free download and is completely safe and secure. Click on the below clickable download link and you be redirected to the main download page. Wait a few seconds for the download to start properly. If there is any error you face in the download or installation, please do comment on this post in the below comment box and let us know. Help us in sharing this post with your friends so that it gets the maximum reach. 

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