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Download Windows 10 Pro 2020 free for PC. Windows 10 Pro Download – Original & Official ISO Files for 32-bit and 64-bit computer architecture. Windows 10 Pro ISO download is the most versatile and widely used edition released recently by Microsoft. Softolite provides the direct download link for the Windows 10 Pro ISO DVD. We only provide the standalone offline installer setup for free. 

Windows 10 Pro Download ISO Latest Editions Review

After months of testing, windows 10 professional iso x86/x64 is finally officially launched, Microsoft announced one of the amazing editions of win 10 in the windows history. Most of the users will get a free upgrade also. Windows 10 is the realization of Michael’s (software security expert from Microsoft) big dream to have a single-window that runs across all kinds of PCs, tablets, phones, and even the Xbox One console.

Right now windows 10 pro (x86/x64) iso is mostly about fixing the mess that Microsoft has an aim for Windows 8. One of the first and great gestures of that is the return of the start menu. Microsoft has combined the better aspects of the last two versions of windows that were recently released, to create a redesign and new start menu.

The live tiles from Windows 8.1 remain the same but it covers half of the entirely full-screen interface. The apps list is the same as it was in Windows 10 Lite. Same as the previous version we’ve got easy access to power options and the ability to resize the live menu freely. Windows 10 pro latest version has a nice dark theme and it mixes well with your laptop screens.

The theme usually has black puzzles. If you don’t like darkness, there are several color options to change the glance of the taskbar and start menu. Navigating on Microsoft Windows 8 was not easy with a laptop or PC and Windows 10 Pro download is massively improved.

You’ll no more see the annoying hot corners of Windows 8 as Microsoft has removed them in this new edition. There is a new action center in its place, that works as a notification center. It collects any message from apps and provides access to a lot of settings. Photography apps are the famous feature of windows 10 professionals and Microsoft has improved it here.

Like a mission control feature of Mac, Microsoft has also a task-view feature. It shows you all your open windows on a single screen. This is like a gateway to a new virtual desktop 10 pro download

Windows 10 Professional ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit Free Download

You’re now finally able to create a separate virtual desktop without the installation of any third-party app. One of the big changes in win 10 pro is Cortana. Cortana is considered as Microsoft virtual assistance. It’s integrated into the start menu and looking like an extension. You can easily access it by just hovering your mouse.

You’ve both of the options to search for something, either through voice search or by typing manually in the search bar. Win 10 pro download is one of the best-operating systems developed by Microsoft ever. You’ve even an option to enable a “Hey Cortana” feature that helps you ask for something on your laptop or PC. Now it’s easy to sit in an office chair and fire off emails just with your voice.

Cortana also gives you a simple overview of your whole day, along with interest, like weather news and nearby restaurants. Cortana also has a local search option to find your files and folders on your hard drive or from the One Drive cloud storage service. Windows 10 Pro download now comes with a new and updated browser called “Edge”. Microsoft Edge is more powerful than internet explorer. Edges icon a little different from the internet explorer desktop icon, in an attempt to keep it alike from the million of diverse windows users.

Edge is simple, clean and has high performance in most cases. There are a few things missing and we don’t expect a lake of features from such a modern browser. Snapping tabs into different windows is missing. Download starts automatically without asking for choosing the folder and there’s no save option to chose a specific folder. Microsoft started work on the edge and you will feel the improvement of edge browser in the latest version of windows 10 pro download bootable USB. Edge also has some awesome new features as well. It helps you to draw your web pages and send a copy to anyone you want. On the other hand, Cortana gives you useful information in intelligent ways to help you what you want.

windows 10 professional download

Top Features of Windows 10 Pro Download

All the editions in this package are fully leaded with a lot of hand features. You can experience them by installing windows 10 pro download on your computer or laptop. Here are some of the cool features.

Cortana: Cortana is the most advanced feature and is updated in the latest release by Microsoft with improved artificial intelligence.

Edge: A new and fast browser “Edge” is introduced with some awesome features in it that can help you load your web pages with fast speed.

Start Menu: Very easy start menu with power options and other interesting applications, where you can easily browse things in a single click.

Xbox App: Microsoft Xbox app for Windows 10 Pro download is a favorite new feature. You can easily play Xbox games on a laptop. It always gives you the best user experience. It’s best if you use it at home on a local network, but it’s also fun if you want to play Xbox games in a different room where you don’t have a TV. Screen recording is another best feature.

Mail and Calendar App: They both support Google accounts. Now you can use mail and calendar app without an outlook account. These apps no longer run full screen by default anymore.

Microsoft Office: Windows 10 Pro download comes with an impressive edition of the new stripped-down touched based office apps. Enjoy Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for free. They are best for basic editing and are very simple with just enough features.

Windows Store: The new version of the windows store has combined all the awesome apps, games, music, and movies but it still lake some important apps. 

Tablet mode: A new tablet look in windows 10 pro download is just like the same as Windows PC. It also works for two-in-one convertible laptops and prompts helps you to switch easily between using a keyboard and mouse and flipping the hard-drive into tablet mode.

Windows 10 Pro Download Technical Details

Operating System Full NameWindows 10 Pro
File Size2.8 GB (32 Bit) / 3.8 GB (64 Bit)
Architecture32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Standalone Setup
DevelopersMicrosoft Official 
Shared BySoftoLite

Win 10 Pro System Requirements

Memory (RAM)Minimum of 2 GB RAM Required
Hard-Drive Space16 GB of Free Space Required
Processor1 GHz Processor Or Faster

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