Windows 10 Mobile Free Download [Updated 2020]

Windows 10 Mobile – also called Windows 10 for Phones is now officially released by Microsoft and available for free download. This is the latest and version (2020 of windows 10 mobile download. The look and feel of Windows 10 mobile are the same as windows 8.1 mobile. Windows 10 mobile ISO is now available for free on Softolite.Com. Let’s have a quick look at the windows 10 mobile x86 or x64 technical review for phones. Softolite only provides the standalone offline installer setup for free. You can get product key from the Microsoft Official Website.

Windows 10 Mobile Download For Phones Overview

Microsoft finally launched its first operating system for smart-phones. Windows 10 mobile is officially released after the success of Windows 8.1 mobile. Now users can install Windows OS on their mobiles without any issues. Windows 10 mobile download is an incredible OS with the latest features and options for advanced users. You can now enjoy all the features of the desktop on your device. Windows phone is specially designed to even for the low specs devices.

One of the fun features is the pictures that you put in your favorites give a nice slide show on the picture tile of your home screen. The live tiles are capable of showing you all the new information in which you update your files. The weather tile always updates the information every 30 minutes. The latest version of internet explorer has also been integrated into Windows 10 mobile download. Most of the smartphones powered by Windows 10 are hot on the market nowadays.

This operating system can dramatically increase your system performance. Windows 10 mobile downloads make your operation smooth and fast regardless of the hardware you’re using. It has got a brilliant interface and looking perfect on your smartphone. The look and feel of Windows 10 mobile are the same as the windows phone 8.1. You can find all the fundamental features like the app store, file explorer, calculator, Xbox, office and Microsoft edge in this operating system. You’ll be amazed if you install and run it on your phone. Just give it a try.

Most of the small devices are now able to support Windows 10. Those who have windows 8.1 installed on their device can now upgrade to Windows 10 mobile download. However, some of the features depend on hardware compatibility.

In the action center, they have increased the number of quick actions. It allows you to access the most necessary feature as quickly as possible. It helps you to enhance your productivity to the next level. We also got the interactive notification feature. Now you’ll be able to take action directly on any kind of alerts and quick messages. Using this feature you’ll never miss any update or mail from Microsoft. When the notification appears, you can quickly reply by just tapping on the alert message.

windows 10 mobile

Download Windows 10 for Phones Free Here

Windows 10 can be run on any mobile device having a system RAM of minimum of 256 MB and a processor of 1GHz. If your device has a low RAM and processor then it will have a lower price but some of the features will not work perfectly.

Windows 10 has finally launched on mobile called “Windows 10 Mobile”, with all the amazing upgrades. They’ve significantly improved speech-to-text capability. Now you can easily talk to virtually any data field you chose throughout the User Interface. Your words show up as you speak them with proper grammar correction and punctuation. This is such a smart feature that understands the difference between 2 and the too. These new features are great for smartphone users. Having this experience on your devices is a big achievement of Microsoft for the success of Windows 10 mobile download ISO. So everything that works on PCs, is the same on your mobile. 

Here are some of the killer features of the office in windows 10 mobile phone. The first great news for you is, you’ve got a built-in Microsoft office in windows 10 mobile. It has the new universal version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which are the necessary apps. These apps can be accessed on phones, tablets, and even PCs. These apps are free and built-in on all phones and small tablets if you’re a Windows 10 user. The ribbon in those apps is just moved to the bottom so you must be familiar with that. All the rich functionalities of the word, excel, and powerpoint are added where you’d expect.

Top Features of Windows 10 Mobile

This release for mobile phones is loaded with a bunch of awesome features and most of them are the same as there in Windows 10 for PCs. You’ll feel like you’re working in a real operating system like PCs. Here are the top features of Windows 10 for android phones.

1)      New Voice Command Input

In windows 10 mobile download, Microsoft added the new voice command input.  This feature is quite awesome for searching for something or typing using your voice. So this enhancement could be huge. Microsoft did it in such a great way that most of the users become a fan of Windows 10. Punctuation can be done automatically and you can’t manually do it by speaking “exclamation point”. On the other hand, Cortana does not really get punctuation really well, but at least you can pause and think for a while using the latest version.

2)     Consistent Interface On All Your devices

Windows 10 mobile download is meant to offer an exceptional user experience across all devices. The setting app is similar to the Windows 10 on PC. On the other hand, the windows store also looks and works in a similar way to the desktop version. It has got the new vertical submenu with shortcuts to apps and an enhancement spotlight feature for recommended things.  

3)      Action Center Changes

You were not being able to dismiss any notification on Windows 8.1 mobile. It was a pain. In windows 10 you’ve got fixed this issue. The toggle issue is also fixed and thankfully you can now remove individual alerts or messages rather than cleaning the whole group.      

windows 10 mobile download

4)      Quick Reply Feature

There is a quick reply feature. Just swipe down on the notification when you get a message. It also allows you to call up the keyboard and reply to it. This feature doesn’t work for email and third party messenger apps like Facebook. Microsoft is trying to add it later. 

5)      The Setting Screen

It’s now easier to find things. Also, there is an advanced control over things like brightness. You can customize the setting of your choice.

Windows 10 Mobile Download Technical Details

Operating System Full NameWindows 10 Mobile
Architecture32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Standalone Setup
DevelopersMicrosoft Official
Shared BySoftoLite

Win 10 Mobile System Requirements

Memory (RAM)Minimum of 1GB RAM Required
Hard-Drive Space8 GB of Free Space Required
Processor1 GHz Processor or Faster
DisplayLess than 9-inches

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