Windows 10 Gamer Edition Free Download [Updated 2020]

Windows 10 Gamer Edition is one of the most incredible operating systems for gamers. Download windows 10 gamer edition 2020 for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit computer architecture. This article is going to show you everything you need to know about gaming on Windows 10. Support Softolite for the more amazing review and free download software. 

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite x86/x64 ISO Free Download

Today we’re are bringing you the biggest news for Windows 10 gamer edition pro lite ISO offline installer specifically for gamers. As there are big differences between Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. But this operating system is specially designed for gamers so we all know exactly what we consider to be the most important changes in this latest edition. Microsoft is making the biggest marketing push for Windows 10 like the Xbox Store and DirectX 12 but there’s a ton of other aspects to look at. The gamer edition of Windows 10 is always the first choice of gamers. 

This OS will increase your craze for games to a high level. It offers the set of all the features that are necessary for a gamer. The great performance of this OS is highly appreciated by the users. If you’re really a true game lover, make sure that windows 10 gamer edition installed on your PC.

Now you should know that this information regards the universal app model only. Microsoft is implementing a set of the standard so that games and applications can run better on more devices. In Windows 10 Gamer Edition app and game storage are now consolidated hand managed.

This feature has a bunch of advantages like it is now much easier for the user to move a game from one drive to another. This is absolutely a good idea. You might have observed that it provides a little bit more stability but it removes your access to the underline files which is not fine. This fight piracy and cheating but it will not allows you to install all the mods in your games. So that’s compatible with the windows / Xbox store.

This is specially designed in such a way that it will automatically turn off all the necessary apps on your system. The reason behind this is when you’re playing any game, some of the unnecessary processes are running in the background.

There are some minor advantages in this new release of Windows 10 gamer edition. Another thing that will be managed completely by the OS is the app life-cycle and state. So every single app or game supported by windows 10 gamer edition needs to be able to be minimized, suspended or stopped whenever in the background. This makes the gamer edition more efficient and makes you more productive. Game developers are trying to develop such kind of games to ensure that their games can handle properly in this type of situation. On the other hand, the sleep feature also works properly in game 10 gamer edition free downlaod

Download Windows 10 Gamer Edition Latest Version Free

Gamer Edition is the special edition release by Microsoft recently. It has got DirectX 12, although you’ll not see any difference until some games release for it. Of course, Windows 10 gamer got some UI improvements. The last version of Windows 8 probably was not getting you too excited. But this new edition has got some UI changes. The look and feel make you excited to play like a beast. 

Other OSs like Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Lite, and Windows 10 Enterprise also works fine, but if you want to get the full fun of the games, then you definitely need the gamer edition.

The most important feature that you expect in windows 10 gamer edition is a 3D accelerated desktop experience, and you’ve got that. But on the huge virtual desktop which is accessed with windows and tabs are finally windows feature by default. This feature has been available for years on Linux, Operating System 10, and even windows with third-party tools. It is more simple easy to use and also user-friendly. Good on you, Microsoft for this awesome windows 10 gamer edition.

Finally, we looking at the gaming performance of Windows 10. Across a test suite that includes a couple of modern games that utilize both the CPU and GPU, we ended up with. Another big news for the legitimate owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10 offers is a free upgrade. Win 10 Gamer Edition gets a big recommendation from us from a performance point of view.

Some of the things that are still broken as all, like search. Microsoft is working on these features and most of the bugs have been fixed. You will get all the feature which you expect from Microsoft being a gamer. You might not like these things about the new windows 10 gamers

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Features

Being the special edition of Windows 10, it is loaded with a lot of awesome features that cannot be found in the previous versions. So here are the top features that you might not know.

1)      High security and Stability

2)      Intelligent game booster to enhance the performance and speed while you play.

3)      Auto drivers update.

4)      DirectX.

5)      Dot Net Framework.

6)      Shockwave Player.

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Free Download Technical Details

Operating System Full NameWindows 10 Gamer Edition
File Size2.14 GB (32 Bit), 2.18 GB (64 Bit)
Architecture32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Standalone Setup
DevelopersMicrosoft Official
Shared By SoftoLite

Win 10 Enterprise System Requirements

Memory (RAM)Minimum of 2 GB RAM Required
Hard-Drive Space18 GB of Free Space Required
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo Processor Or Faster

Get Windows 10 Gamer Edition Now

Download the gamer edition of Microsoft Windows 10 and make your gaming environment faster and crazy. Click on the below download link to start the download process. If there is any problem in the download link, please drop a comment in the comment section below this post. Make sure to share this page by clicking any of the social media share buttons to support us. This setup would be compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. 

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